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LAW Ventures, Ltd. produces various types of unique epoxy floor and wall systems that could be of interest to you.  These systems have been performing successfully for many years in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our products have very low odor and excellent chemical resistance.


One of the unique features of their products is that they can save time and money by being applied to fresh 24-hour-old concrete eliminating the traditional 28-day wait period.  This is achieved by first priming with their LOR-Cure primer.   


Another unique product is their LOR E-Crete, which is an epoxy/cement system that can be used where very high heat resistance (up to 450°F) is required, such as under ovens.


LOR -EPOXY has many unique products and I would welcome the opportunity of discussing them with you.  We offer a one-stop service whereby we can arrange for the installation of these systems by certified contractors.


Please let me know if you would be interested in receiving literature and samples.

LOR EPOXY Crack Filler 

  • Premium grade 100% epoxy

  • Very low odor

  • Can be applied with a trowel or gun and will not sag. (fills cracks up to 2-3” thick)

  • Will stick to moist and wet surfaces (not standing water) as well as green concrete

  • Outstanding chemical resistance (including hydrogen sulfide)

  • Certain amount of resiliency to compensate for movement

  • Waterproof will accept light traffic

  • Working time: 30-45 mins at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. (slab temperature)

  • Set time: Approximately 2 hours at 73 degrees Fahrenheit (slab temperature) 



LOR EPOXY Green Concrete Sealer/Primer

  • Applied to green (24 hour old) concrete – this is in contrast to traditional 28 day waiting period for concrete

  • Premium grade 100% epoxy.

  • Helps to cure concrete by limiting water evaporation within the slab, which then allows even curing

  • Can also be a stand-alone sealer

  • Also available in a water-based formula.

  • Water based sealer is generally used on polished or smooth concrete.

  • 100% epoxy formula is best used on a wood float finished concrete surface (not smooth concrete)

  • Pot life: 35 min

  • Walk on: 3-4 hours

  • Light traffic: 8-10 hours

  • Heavy traffic: 48 hours

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