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At LAW Ventures, Ltd. we help our clients preserve, maintain and protect their assets by developing a customized plan that fits their budget to create environmentally friendly construction. Through the use of energy efficient systems such as LED lighting, solar energy solutions, Energy Star products and recycled building materials, the cost of energy, consumption, maintenance and waste operational are greatly reduced. In turn, these methods help to reduce consumption, waste operational costs and routine maintenance costs without sacrificing features or functionality.  

LAW Ventures, Ltd. has a diverse team of certified and licensed contractors as well as long standing relationships with direct sourcing from national and international manufacturers for lighting, case goods, furniture, manufacturers, flooring and building materials.  

With 20 years of experience in construction management, we listen and have a clear understanding of every clients present and future construction and business goals. We assist in the creation of new construction, remodels, tenant build outs, FFE requirements and franchise specifications.

Licenses    Certifications    Memberships

Illinois Licensed Realtor® Managing Broker  /  Illinois Licensed Auctioneer  /  General Contractor  /  Trade Alliances With Comed & Ameren  /  Illinois Department of Human Rights Certificate  /  Broker Price Opinion Designee, SFR  /   Short Sale & Forclosure Specialist, SFR  /  Accredited Buyer Representative, ABR  /  Women Business Enterprise: LAW Ventures, Ltd.  /  Female Business Enterprise: Cook County, State of Illinois  /  National Auctioneers Association®  /  Illinois Association of Realtors®  /  Chicago Association of Realtors®  /  National Association of Realtors®  /  IDHR# 132439-00 LAW Ventures, Ltd.  /  IDHR# 135198-00 LAW Realty, Ltd.  /  LAW Realty, Ltd. Sponsor : LAW Realty, Ltd. (478.026.131.)  /  Lori Ward Managing Broker (471.000.843) 

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